Types of Latches

You open and close the doors, lids, and compartments in your boat, RV, trailer, tool box, or another sporting vehicle throughout the day, and sometimes that frequent use can wear down the latches, locks, and fasteners on your vehicle. That’s why HTF Hardware carries all kinds of latches in various materials and sizes to help you build or replace what you need.

If you need to ensure the security of a smaller piece of hardware, perhaps a twist latch is what you need. Just turn and pull to open and push and turn back to close. Or, maybe you need something a little bigger than a twist latch so you can get a better grip on it, so a t-handle latch might be exactly the thing. If your compartments are small and tucked away, a push-button latch or a simple, yet elegant pull latch will help make accessing them, and the important stuff inside, easy.

Sometimes, RVs or boats just need an upgrade to modern design, and if that’s the case for you, we’ve got a great selection of sleek style options to suit your needs. Overcenter latches are a popular selection for lids and doors that need pressure to be secured, while a more classic lift and turn cam latch might be great for locking the secret drawer in your RV or keeping your registration paperwork safely hidden.

Maybe the gate on your horse trailer is just a little wobbly or rusted, so you want to replace it with something sturdy but keep the same basic design. Or, perhaps the classic design of a slide bolt latch is all you need to keep people from barging in on one another in your RV or boat restroom. HTF Hardware prides itself on maintaining a mix of time-tested technology and new innovations in the sport vehicles parts industry. 

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