Hasps and Staples
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A good working hasp and staple latch can make all the difference when it comes to securing your items. Hasps and staples are some of the most versatile latch options out there, offering you a number of choices to suit your project and your style.

Hasps and staples are used across a variety of applications, from your home and shed, garage, etc. to farms and barns, to job sites for builders and other industrial locations. But despite their versatility, hasp and staple latches are easy to install and convenient to use. Just a few simple tools and a previously-unsecure gate or door suddenly provides you with a way to secure or lock it in a way that’s convenient and secure and suits your needs. Hasps and staples provide you with a simple yet reliable barrier against unauthorized entry onto your property or into your storage items. These latches are also attractive – you could add hasps and staples as a nice finishing touch for your craft projects. You could also use them on lock boxes, in order to achieve added security while maintaining a simple, cohesive look.

All of the hardware at HTF Hardware comes in the sizes and finishes you need. And just like every product we carry, our hasps and staples allow us to maintain the highest level of product quality at reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on our innovation and manufacturing technology, and our hasps and staples are no exception. Our accessories are very solid and well built, and will last you for years. Trust HTF Hardware to help you find the hasp and staple latch you need to complete your project or to secure your belongings with confidence.

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