Tie Down

If the tie down in your recreational vehicle is rusted, loose, or ill-fitting, it’s time to replace it with a piece from HTF Hardware. We have a great selection of items designed to cover the needs of boat, RV, and trailer owners everywhere. Maintain peace of mind that you’ll be able to secure whatever you need to in place by keeping your tie downs up to date and in good condition.

The tie down is designed to be attached to a surface on a recreational vehicle that allows for easy access, making it so the vehicle can be secured to something else, like a trailer. Tie downs are made of a simple metal plate that is attached to that easy-to-access surface, and feature a small, but sturdy, metal loop or half-loop that can be used for tying or attaching ropes or straps.

There are several variations in tie down design, and the best one for you depends on the way you use it and its placement. Many of the tie downs at HTF Hardware feature the popular fold-in design that creates a smooth surface when the tie down is not in use, preventing people from bumping into it and potentially causing harm to themselves or your vehicle. Others tie downs simply fold down on a hinge, lying flat on the attachment surface and being similarly out of the way, but somewhat less protected.

For more frequent and heavier-duty use, some people prefer the very basic tie down design that simply attaches the tie down loop or half-loop directly to the flat surface, having the appearance of a handle. This easy access tie down design eliminates moving parts and therefore decreases the chances of breakage or signs of wear and tear from heavy use. Choose a design that suits your needs and the way you use it, and then have confidence that an order from HTF Hardware will help you get on your merry way.

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