Looking for a firm grip for your new toolbox? Just got the tackle box for your boat you’ve always wanted but the handles have already worn out? It’s time to handle your situation, t-handle it that is. Finding the right t-handle for your specific need has never been easier with vast selection from HTF Hardware. They have the durable handles needed to stand up to constant usage, as well as a wide selection to make it easy to customize.

Not only are the t-handles saving you money by their inexpensive price, but they are also an investment to what you are putting them on. Securing one of these t-handles one a boat, tackle box, tool box, or anything you want to keep protected is a great way to increase its value and performance. Many come with their own locking mechanisms, and these handles will keep people you don’t want in locked away from the valuables you have behind the handle. They are also a great way to achieve peace of mind knowing your children won’t be getting into places they shouldn’t when you have one of these t-handles installed.

When it comes to affordability, HTF Hardware tries to cover all of its customers by offering discounted rates to buying in bulk. So if you are a small business owner looking for a large supply of t-handles, you’ve come to the right place. Starting with discounts on bundles as small as four handles, volume ordering has never been easier or more in tune with the demands of the customer.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself person looking for the right handle or a small shop owner in need of a large quantity, we have what you need. Our supply of t-handles that are strong enough to do the job right, while offering the design that will best suit your needs.  

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