Strike Plate

The well-being of the strike plates in your recreational vehicle can make a striking difference in the ease-of-use of the doors that you open and close frequently—and sometimes on a daily basis. Strike plates are the protectors of door jambs, and the protectors of your ability to use a door comfortably, so if something is wrong with the one in your RV, trailer, or boat, you might want to replace it soon.

Strike plates are fixtures typically made of metal that are affixed to the door frame adjacent with the bolt of the door knob, the mechanism that provides you with that satisfying click when you shut a door and need to know it’s secure. You will know something is wrong with the strike plates you have if the door sticks and cannot shut easily or if it shuts a little too easily, but then opens back up easily too.

Some strike plates feature a tab that retracts inside the strike plate when the door opens and closes, then fits into the door jamb. A simpler design simply has a hole cut out of the strike plate that is exactly the shape of the door jamb, giving the user that satisfying click when the pieces match up. Another design that is popular in recreational vehicles is a bit simpler and contains no moving parts. With that design, the door jamb is cradled by the strike plate, which fits it securely into place.

While strike plates are only a tiny piece of metal that cradles the bolt or tab that sometimes catches the sleeves, shirts, and pants of the harried user, they’re essential to the ability of a door to open and close in its frame. That’s why HTF Hardware works to ensure we have top-quality offerings for our customers. Check out our selection today!

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