Strap Hinges

As any hardware retailer will likely tell you, hardware is often about function over form. Hardware isn’t usually about beauty – it’s about taking something that’s broken and making it work like new again, or about creating something attractive by adding a particular usable part, such as a latch, hinge or handle.  And our business is no exception to this general rule. At HTF Hardware, most of our hardware accessories are about solving a problem. The true beauty in a project usually comes from the items that you are attaching our products TO: The wood used to build your cabinets, the doors on your shed, the windows on your home.  You take our accessories and you add them to your items to help them work properly and to make your project look great. 

But strap hinges are an exception to this rule.  These hinges accomplish what you need them to, and they do so beautifully.  Unlike most hardware which takes second fiddle to the components it’s joining, strap hinges are attractive unto themselves.  They are intended to do the work of a hinge while also improving upon the overall aesthetic value of your project. In other words, they don’t just make something work, they make something work while also making it look great.

HTF Hardware has a selection of strap hinges to fit any need.  From barn gates and other large doors to smaller boxes and crates, strap hinges are the perfect versatile accessory. They can even be used in unexpected places, such as to hang hinged picture frames or to improve the looks of your kitchen pantry doors. HTF Hardware is proud to offer the perfect strap hinges to make your project both beautiful AND functional. 

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