Stainless Steel Boat Latches

Boating is fun, but maintenance of your boat can be tough. The health of your boat and the success of your boating trips often rely on tiny details, right down to the stainless steel latches that hold all of the boat’s safety and storage compartments closed. Chances are, you’ve got a compartment below deck, a seat storage compartment, an access door to the steering mechanism and the ever-important radio wiring, and a few more places that need to be secured for a relaxing and fun day on the water that doesn’t include your belongings ending up swimming with the fish as soon as you accelerate.

Pull latches are a necessity for comfort—and safety—in any floor boat compartment. Designed to lay flat but still be easy to access and use in a pinch, these boat latches come in many different sizes and weights for the optimal fit in your watercraft. Maybe you need a swivel hasp you can padlock when you dock the boat at a popular area or when you put it away at night, or a cam lock with a key for a lighter door.

If you have a bathroom on board or a downstairs, you want your passengers to be able to easily traverse into other areas of the boat with an easy paddle latch that will secure firmly behind them. Or, maybe a latch with a catch is the best option for you and your water travel companions. HTF Hardware prides itself in carrying a wide array of manufacturers and designs to suit all of our customers’ needs.

Weather, water, and normal wear and tear can wreak havoc on your boat, so adding new stainless steel boat latches is likely to be a triple threat: an improvement in safety, style, and comfort. Whatever your needs, HTF Hardware has what you’re looking for.

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