Spring Loaded Hinges

Do you have a set of swinging doors, or a self-closing door, or a door that you need to be self-closing? If so, then a spring-loaded hinge is essential for your setup.  Both self-closing doors and swinging doors must use spring-loaded hinges or they will not function properly. That’s why HTF Hardware offers a full line of spring-loaded hinges to suit your needs.

Have you ever wondered how a spring-loaded hinge works? Generally, the purpose of a spring-loaded hinge is to return an open door to the closed position using the hinge’s internal springs. To put it simply, spring-loaded hinges contain a spring inside the exterior hinge cylinder that helps close a door. The spring mechanism inside the hinge is adjustable, which means that you can increase or decrease the tension, depending on your needs.  Which is good, since you’re likely to want different types of doors to close with different strengths and speeds.

And speaking of different types of doors, spring-loaded hinges are ideal for a number of applications: They’re perfect for that door leading to your basement, or the interior door connecting your home to your garage, or for any door throughout your home that you need to be self-closing. Spring-loaded hinges are also critical for a number of industrial and commercial applications, such as fire doors (which are often required to use spring-loaded hinges by local building and fire codes).

But it isn’t all about utility.  A swinging or “saloon” door between your dining room and kitchen can completely change the character of your home. And you can’t have a saloon door without a spring-loaded hinge. Look to HTF Hardware to help you find the perfect spring-loaded hinge to suit your needs.

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