Spring Latch

You might have noticed a latch on a door or hatch in your boat, camper, or trailer is loose, or you might wish you could secure it easily without having to lock it. You may also notice that the little lever you pull to open or close a door is not working quite as it used to, and it has you thinking it is time to replace it. If that’s the case, a spring latch might be what you are looking for.

A spring latch features a sliding rod that is placed into a hole on the door frame to hold a door or hatch closed. The part with a spring is attached to the door, and the spring is usually between two tabs at the ends of the attachments. Spring latches use the time-tested technology of a spring to create tension between those two tabs, securing the bolt or rod that connects the door and its frame in place.

Many spring latches have a simple knob or lever, while others have a metal loop that makes it easier for gripping. The spring latch is attached to the door or hatch and the frame usually with screws or nails, while others are designed to be embedded within the door. Spring latches are popular for recreational vehicles, but they’re also popular for heavy duty outdoor storage containers that need to be closed tightly.

When choosing a spring latch from the HTF Hardware selection, consider the weight of the door in conjunction with the weight of the frame. A lightweight spring or a weaker material may be too small for a larger door, meaning a heavy-duty embedded spring latch is precisely what you need. Check out what we have to offer today, and use something from HTF Hardware to help you get back to the business of having fun.

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