Slam Rivets

Sometimes the tiniest detail can have greatest effect on the proper operation of a design. Designed to withstand frequent and sometimes harsh use, slam rivets are that tiny piece that plays a big role in the gates and doors they help hold up. As a small detail that sometimes goes overlooked, functional slam rivets can have an important impact on the smooth operation of the piece of equipment that holds good things in and bad things out.

Rivets hold latches in place that are made for high impact activities, and the manufacturers we carry at HTF Hardware are well known for their reliability and customer satisfaction when it comes to construction and agricultural uses.

Slam rivets are also an essential part of slam panels on the bottom of vehicles, and if the slam panel on your RV or truck is threatening to come off, it might be time to replace the rivets and tighten that vital piece to your vehicle. The slam panel will take a big part of the impact if your vehicle should happen to collide with something else, potentially saving you from danger and expensive repair costs.

In other words, keeping your slam rivets in working order and installing them properly is highly important. Slam rivets consist of two parts: a male half and a female half, that bind tightly together to hold the panel or the latch to the heavy-duty material of the door, gate, or slam panel. We know you might be rough on your vehicle or gate, but after all, they’re built strong so you can enjoy them! Enjoy them for longer by making sure all the parts are secure and up-to-date. At HTF Hardware, we offer a multitude of sizes, materials, styles, and shapes to suit your outdoor, vehicle, and sporting needs.

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