Rubber Pull Handle Draw Latches

Security is something people want to feel in all aspects of life. From having the peace of mind that their home is safe, to knowing there money is well invested, to driving a car that passes all safety tests, feeling protected is what all people strive to achieve. Let that security resonate through more of your life by fastening your storage compartments firmly with rubber pull handle draw latches.

If you need the right latch for your hatch then one of the many rubber pull handle draw latches offered by HTF Hardware should fit your needs. With a variety of rubber T-handle latches ranging in an assortment of lengths and widths, you are sure to find the right latch for your needs. If you have a project that requires multiple latches, most items can be bought in bulk at a discounted rate. This is perfect for the handy-man who everyone calls to fix their broken household items or the repair shop owner looking for high quality latches at an affordable rate.

Rubber pull handle draw latches are very easy to use, allowing most people to be able to use them properly. Rest assured that children and grandmothers alike will be able to open any compartments they need to with the large, grippable handle, and easy locking and latching mechanism.

The durable rubber material won’t damage the metal grips and is sure to look great as the supportive latch you need. The design of the rubber pull handle draw latch is also great for many aspects of automotive or boating. If you are looking for latches to keep lids security fastened, then HTF Hardware has the products sure to ease your mind when other aspects of life’s stability trouble you.  

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