Plastic Hinges

Plastic hinges have a variety of uses, perhaps more than any other hinge on HTF Hardware. That’s because plastic hinges are everywhere you look, and most of the time you don’t even take note of them.  That cooler that you take to the beach? Plastic hinges keep it together.  Your toilet seat at home?  Yup, plastic hinges are there, too. 

Hinges come in a variety of plastic types for a number of applications.  Most traditional hinge applications have a plastic counterpart.  And plastic hinges are becoming more and more popular, given their reasonable cost and versatility.  Plus plastic hinges are easier to clean and simple to replace if/when necessary.

Speaking of replacement, most of the plastic hinges at HTF Hardware are used for that very purpose: to replace earlier plastic hinges that have broken or become otherwise unusable (or are just difficult to use), or to replace metal hinges with a more user-friendly option.  So we have made these hinges easy to install with minimal effort, and have made sure that they are easy to fit to the original metal or plastic hinge layout.

Plastic hinges can sometimes be difficult to find locally, which is why you’ve made a great choice by coming to HTF Hardware. If you need it, we carry it.  And if you’re looking for a hinge, plastic or otherwise, but you’re just not sure what you need, feel free to contact us and we can help you out.

Let HTF Hardware provide you with a great plastic hinge at an unbeatable price. And see what a difference a plastic hinge can make on your project and on your budget.

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