Pivot Hinge

You have seen pivot hinges before, but you may have never noticed one until it broke. They’re the tab of metal that attaches a door to its frame, and the tab is connected to a screw, nail, or rod around which the tab rotates. They’re essential for allowing a door to pivot smoothly in and out of its frame, whether that frame is a tiny hatch door or the heavy metal door on the back of a trailer. Pivot hinges are widely used in recreational vehicles to allow for the implementation of space-saving designs.

Pivot hinges are usually attached to the top and bottom of the door and are often designed to only be seen from inside the enclosure the door creates. Many pivot hinges are designed to allow the door can open in both directions, while others only let the door swing one way. Other pivot hinges have a welded handle so it’s easy to grip and pull.

The pivot hinges on the doors in your RV, boat, or trailer may use one of many versatile designs, but they’re all based on the same principle: One tab or flat surface is secured against the part that stays stable, and the other tab is secured to the material that functions as the door. One pivots away from the other at the intersection of those two tabs, whether the tabs are attached on the side, the bottom, or the top.

The pivot hinges on a door are the hidden mechanism that allows the door to be a door; in other words, it lets the door open and close. That means the health of the pivot hinges on the doors in your RV or trailer is, well, pivotal to your ability to use it. Don’t let a faulty pivot hinge close the door to your good time or a great day at work. Choose HTF Hardware for materials you can trust.

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