Pad Lockable Handles

We all have valuable belongings and, let’s face it, we need to lock a lot of them up to keep them safe or to keep others safe from the stuff inside. Whether we are keeping animals away from dangerous materials, the kids away from sharp objects, or simply protecting our stuff from sticky fingers, everyone has the need to put a lock on something. The only problem is, sometimes the door or cabinet we want locked didn’t come with an easy way to secure it, and most likely rigging your own locking system won’t keep anyone out. This can especially be an issue when traveling in an expensive RV or boat.

Luckily, HTF Hardware has a simple solution for every purpose: pad lockable handles. These handles are designed to be locked with any common type of padlock and could even be zip-tied if the need arose. Most are made of electropolished stainless steel material durable enough to withstand any intruders trying to gain entry to somewhere they shouldn’t be. The standard 3” stainless steel threaded shaft allots for plenty of room for your project. Like most HTF Hardware materials, you can purchase these handles in bulk for large projects or for spare parts at a discounted rate. So if you are tasked with changing out the locks on a storage unit facility, the crate where you keep your life jackets and inflatables for the boat, or the huge carry-all bouncing around on the back or front of your RV, you’ve come to the right place.

Not everything in life can be easy, finding the right pad lockable handle shouldn’t be hard. HTF Hardware makes the choice simple and affordable. So if you are in need of replacing all of the handles for the school locker rooms, or just want to replace the old handle on your storage unit, HTF Hardware has the handle you need. 

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