Overcenter Latch

Sometimes the use of trucks, trailers, boats, campers, and RVs can take an unexpected toll on the locks and latches you use every day. However, the functionality of those fasteners is often imperative to the successful use of your sporting vehicle and its accessories. HTF Hardware carries overcenter latches that you can use to put your tool box, trailer, boat storage compartments, or the interior of your RV back in working order.

Our wide selection is guaranteed to have something to suit your needs. We have toggle latches, as well as compression latches and sturdy fasteners. Our cam lock style overcenter latches are perfect for protecting your expensive and important tools in your tool box—both from a pair of greedy hands and from the harsh elements. You may also find that you need a lockable overcenter latch to protect your valuables and your expensive life jackets or fishing poles in your boat.

The way you use the lids and doors in your daily life or on vacation probably has an under-recognized impact on you and your family and friends’ overall contentment. Smooth and secure latches offer a pleasant sound and feel as well as ease-of-use and peace of mind when you walk away. All of these factors eliminate a surprising amount of frustration and allow you to keep your attention on other things. We also carry passivated overcenter latch keepers to improve the fit and longevity of your latches, fasteners, and locks.

Whether you use your tool box, truck, trailer, campers, or other utility hardware multiple times per day at work, or you use them to travel safely and happily with friends and loved ones, you don’t want to dampen the fun because you have to replace a little latch. Check the existing overcenter latches on your vehicle or tool box to see if it needs replacing, and check out the selection HTF Hardware has to offer.

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