Lock Cylinder

When a lock is stuck and you are unable to open it or secure it like you need to, it can cause a lot of problems in your day. A stuck lock adds a lot of frustration to things you and others do throughout the day, especially when you are using a recreational vehicle or trailer. Sometimes, locks stop working because the lock cylinder is damaged, rusted, or dented, and if that happens, it’s important to replace it right away. HTF Hardware has a wide selection to choose from for all different types of locks and door knobs.

Some lock cylinders are completely embedded in the door itself, lying flush with the surface of the door. This simple design is popular on smaller doors and hatches to meet space-saving needs. This kind of lock cylinder often protrudes into the cabinet or hatch space. Another kind of lock cylinder fits inside a door knob or handle, and replacing the lock for those is a little more involved.

Lock cylinders are a time-tested technology that are functional for many different parts of your RV, horse trailer, or boat, ensuring you can lock away your important belongings and achieve peace of mind. If the one you’re using is causing problems, it’s a good idea to fix it before it gets worse. Your lock cylinder may need to be replaced because the cam lock function is not turning, or maybe the key is getting stuck, which may indicate that the grooves inside the lock are getting worn down from frequent use.

HTF Hardware has what you need for your camper, trailer, or boat so you can maintain confidence that your valuables will be locked away—and that you’ll be able to access them again when you need to. Peruse our selection today to find a lock cylinder that suits your needs and fix that pesky lock that has everyone frustrated.

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