Lift Off Hinges

Have you ever had to remove the hinges from a doorframe just because you needed to remove the door? If you’re on this site, you probably have. And we at HTF Hardware know just how much of an inconvenience that process can be, especially if you have to go to all of that trouble just to have to RE-install the hinges to replace the door back onto the frame later on.  Why go to all of that trouble when you don’t have to? HTF Hardware is here to save the day with our wide selection of lift off hinges.

In case you aren’t familiar with lift-off hinges, they are a type of hardware which allows a door to be removed easily because you simply “lift off” the door. Lift off hinges are designed to offer simple and convenient door removal without having to remove the hinges first. Such a setup is ideal for anyone who needs to remove a door without tools or other hardware, such as businesses with high traffic areas, or those which receive frequent deliveries, for example.

Lift off hinges are useful not only on your standard doorframes, but they have a number of other applications as well.  Their style allows for quick, easy door removal from a number of applications.  Replace the word “door” with “lid,” such as for a chest, and you can imagine the possibilities. One a lid is opened all the way, the hinge can come apart, allowing the lid to be completely removed. And all of our hinges come with concealed mounting hardware for a clean and professional appearance, and offer a simple, intuitive installation. So look to HTF Hardware for all of your lift-off hinge needs, and start simplifying your life.

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