Lift and Turn Cam Latch

Many large sporting vehicles, like RVs, horse trailers, and various types of boats utilize lift and turn cam lock technology for multiple features in the vehicle. Cam locks and latches are commonly used because of their simple, but highly effective structure. The cam latch uses a metal tab or plate to secure the door, lid, or drawer in place, and that piece of metal is moveable by the cam, which is also known as a “pawl,” that is attached to the lock mechanism. The cam rotates the metal tab as a key or the simple force of a person’s hand turns it.

You’ve probably experienced the frustrations of an overused, sticky, or loose lift and turn cam latch both when opening a drawer, lid, or door and when trying to secure it in place. Sometimes, it seems there is nothing more frustrating than a stuck lock. The cam typically turns 90 or 180 degrees over and over again, often with extra force applied as the person wiggles, pushes, and moves the latch to secure or loosen it. Because of the high volume of use, the materials of the lift and turn cam latch are often damaged, sometimes causing the latch to be completely useless or more trouble than it’s worth. When this happens, HTF Hardware can help you out with our selection of lift and turn cam latches.

Lift and turn cam latches are often used on heavy and sturdy covers on machinery, electric panels, and many other items that need to be secured because of their essentially failsafe locking function. HTF Hardware carries many popular brands and is likely to have the OEM or the substitute you need to put everything in your RV, boat, trailer, or other sporting vessel back in working order.

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