Door Latch

Is a door in your RV or trailer hanging off its hinges? When you close it, does it open again? If so, it may be time to replace the door latch. Door latches are often hard to find because they are specific in nature—they’re not just any latch and they have several different parts that all have to be just right. Many people may not realize that door latches come not only in different sizes and colors, but in different hands as well; in other words, whether you open the door on the left or right side matters quite a bit. That’s why HTF Hardware has a selection that takes that into consideration.

When deciding whether to put the door handle on the left or the right for new construction or if you have the option to change it, consider the swing of the door as you open it. If you open it to the left, will it flop around in the breeze, subjecting its hinges to overuse? If you open it to the right, does is smash into a window? If either way works, consider whether the users of the door are mostly left-handed or right handed, which impacts the hand they are more likely to reach out with to open the door.

Heavy use and lots of activity can wear down the latches on the doors you use when you’re out having a good time or working in the field. Here at HTF Hardware, we know RV and trailer door latches, so we offer our customers the best. Our selections are versatile, too, so you may be able to use them on more than just the OEM-designated design. Replace the door latch on your RV or trailer so you can open the door with ease and open more doors to worry-free fun!

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