Door Holder

If a door or hatch in your recreational vehicle or trailer finding a way to drift open after you close it, you may need to take a look at the door holder functionality. Door holders and door stops are an important part of your day, but they’re the kind of thing you don’t necessarily notice until they’re not working properly. And once they’re not working the way they should, sometimes it’s hard to do anything but notice them.

There are multiple door holder designs that fit different styles of use, such as a door stops that are attached to the bottom of the door and held on with a pivot hinge that allows the user to use their foot to move it into place and out of the way. Other door holders attach to the wall behind the door, catching the door before it hits and possibly damages the wall or surface behind it. Some door holders including portions that attach to the frame and allow the user to lock it with a simple locking mechanism.

When choosing a door holder, it is important to take into consideration the weight of the door and the firmness of the surface it opens against. If you have a heavy door, you’ll need a heavier duty material to catch the door. Similarly, if the door or hatch is very light, a heavy door holder may make the door slam too hard or pull too hard on the door’s hinges. You’ll also want to consider how frequently the door is used when selecting the material—do you need something that stands up to heavy use while still feeling comfortable? Or, do you need a door holder that closes firmly and doesn’t allow the door to rattle?

Whatever you decide, HTF Hardware has something in stock that will suit your needs. We carry OEM products as well as close substitutes, so take a look at what we have to offer so you can get back to concentrating on the good stuff.

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