Center Latch

If a door in your RV or trailer is looking a little lopsided, or if it finds a way to wander back open when you try to close it, it may be time to replace the center latch. Center latches are often used on the somewhat unusual features exclusive to RVs, trailers, and marine vehicles to secure a part of the hardware that is used daily. Because of frequent use, the quality of the latches on doors and enclosures often begins to deteriorate under the harsh outdoor conditions of sporting vehicles.

Bi-folding doors, for example, are useful in small spaces to allow people to pass by, and center latches are a major component of the way they work. Our products allow for smooth operating and we focus on quick delivery and customer service so you can focus on the fun to be had with your sporting vehicle. In addition, installation is easier with pre-punched products.

Here at HTF Hardware, we know latches. HTF Hardware’s wide variety of center latches are available in a multitude of styles to achieve different appearances and functionality. These center latches are available from popular and lesser-known manufacturers in a multitude of materials to suit your sporting needs. We also have several sizes available for a flush fit that will feel like it is brand new.

You’re an explorer by nature, and you don’t want to spend your time fixing and re-fixing the small details of your RV, trailer, boat, or other vehicle. Instead, you want to have confidence the replacement parts you order will work correctly for a long time to come. Whether you need the OEM center latch or are knowledgeable enough to choose a replacement, there’s a good chance HTF Hardware has what you need. 

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