Cam Latch

When a cam latch is turned by a key or someone pulling on the handle, a thick metal plate or tab that has been holding the door in place turns to release the door from its secure position. They’re frequently used on camper doors, boat hatches, safes, cabinets, and even mailboxes to secure the door or hatch in place so you can have peace of mind that your belongings won’t go flying while you concentrate on having a good time.

You probably use a cam latch every day without even knowing it, which indicates that the simplicity of its design hasn’t been beat yet. Cam latch technology is used in horse trailers, RVs, and boats in a variety of ways because of its versatile operation that works every time and is never cumbersome, that is, until the materials fail or the latch gets damaged. That’s where HTF Hardware comes in.

While the design of a cam latch works every time, the materials get worn down or bent, so you might be on our site to find a new piece to replace the old. Well, look no further than our selection for your sporting vehicle needs. While the easiest cam latch to picture is the type you can unlock with a key, you might be surprised to find that most lightweight doors that close securely use the simple technology. Some latches are opened with a pull-down handle, while others come open with a tug on a paddle handle.

Nothing’s more frustrating than a stuck lock, so be sure not to let that happen to you and replace your cam latches when they start to stick, pull, or rattle. HTF Hardware carries a variety of popular brands to help you choose the best fit for your tastes and the design of your sporting vehicle. Check out our selection and get your boat, trailer, or RV back in working order!

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