Butt Hinge

A butt hinge is a widely-used type of a hinge that pivots on a door as it opens and closes. The design is frequently used for various functions in vehicles devoted to recreation or outdoor work. Butt hinges feature an exposed pivot that allows the door to open—usually ninety degrees—because the door and frame are not designed to create enough space to hide the hinge.

Because butt hinges are exposed, they are often made of softer materials than other hinges to prevent injury, and are consequently more prone to breakage from impact or overuse. Butt hinges are sometimes made of plastic, for example, which may break under a certain amount of force. While the current state of technology has vastly improved the durability of the materials used for this type of hardware, unfortunate problems still arise and call for the replacement of vulnerable pieces like butt hinges.

The pivots on many butt hinges are designed to create friction as the door or hatch opens and closes to prevent it from slamming, while others are loose for ease-of-use. Butt hinges are usually attached to the door with screws, but sometimes those screws get loose. If the door you’re thinking of fixing feels wobbly or if you’ve notice rust around the hinge, it might be time to replace the butt hinge and give yourself peace of mind that it will stay in working order and not suffer from further damage.

Replacing the hinges is easy, but fixing scratches or other damage from a faulty butt hinge may not be. At HTF Hardware, we want to see you get out of the shop and get back in the game, which is why we carry high quality items from manufacturers that have been trusted for years. Check out our selection today!

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