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Not even twenty years ago, most people weren’t doing their shopping on the internet. And for those shopping for hardware, your only option was to go to your local hardware store or maybe a big box store and hope that they had what you needed – and most of the time they didn’t.

But times have changed, and people just don’t shop the way they used to. And when it comes to hardware, that’s a good thing. Because the internet has made it possible to search for exactly what you need without driving all over town, and without even needing to leave your house at all.

So now that the internet has given shoppers all of these options, why should you choose us? Because at HTF Hardware, we spend a lot of time thinking about our customers. We think about what you do and what you need. We think about how you shop – or, in other words, how you find what you need so that you can do what you do. And answering those questions helps us figure out who you are as a customer.

What we’ve learned is what good retailers have known all along – that your time is valuable. That’s why HTF Hardware offers construction accessories that are of the same quality and fair price that you’ve come to expect from all of our products. That way you can shop for shower door handles at the same place where you shop for everything from hinges and hasps and staples to RV screen door accessories and even marine equipment. So stop running around wasting your time and start taking advantage of the convenience and prices available at HTF Hardware, where we leave you more time in your day and more money in your wallet.

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